Keyes Heartbeat

    This page is to Setup and Config Keyes Heartbeat

Hardware and Software

    Keyes Heartbeat 

    Arduino IDE

Sanki Notes

  • Keyes Heartbeat; unplug and plug again when pload by Arduino IDE (For Reset) 


          This example is  Work and Fine
  1. /*
    This example will show you how to use the KY-039 heart bear sensor.
    Its a simple basic heart beat monitor with a LCD1602A. In this example i did not use a I2C for those who dont have it.

       double alpha=0.75;
       int period=20;
       double refresh=0.0;
    void setup(void)


    void loop(void)
       static double oldValue=0;
       static double oldrefresh=0;
       int beat=analogRead(A0);
       double value=alpha*oldValue+(0-alpha)*beat;

       Serial.print(" Heart Monitor "); 
       Serial.print("          ");